Don’t underestimate the power of a common man.

Our story is no different than a common man's quest for finding a dream home. A house that meet all the requirements will cost you a fortune and a house that comes in budget is never satisfactory.

Our story begins here:

Churning the vendetta into an opportunity to bring the change in the real estate sector and to end the meaningless inflation.

The directors of Springseas Infrastructure pvt ltd Raja Nesanoor and Lavanya Nesanoor joined forces with Rajagopal Velappanaidu and Dhanalakshmi Rajagopal to form Springseas BDK developers.

The experience of Nesanoors in modern residencies and commercial spaces combined with the 3 decade experience of the real estate and transport sector of Rajagopal and team to expand the wings in south India and to do exceptionally good in premium residencies.

The first projects in the collaboration of Springseas BDK Developers is to be/are launched in Bangalore and Chennai in August 2017. Get more details about our upcoming and ongoing projects in Projects page.